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After being shot-down, a patron at a bar or club combines GHB or roofies with complimentary alcoholic beverages on their target to induce a sudden loss of memory, resulting in a fresh opportunity to score.
Jon: Yo dude, did Sally finally let you bang her last night!?

Tom: Yeah, sorta... I had to flash the BIOS, but it was totally worth it!
by 312steve May 17, 2012
Also known as astro-glide, a creamy substance commonly found in the lube aisle at Whole Foods, right next to the glueten free pasta.
Adam: Excuse me sir, do you know where I can find the BeenGay?

Jonathan: I believe we might be sold out, but if we do have any left, it would be over there by the Tom's All Natural Shampoo Toothpaste.
by 312steve May 17, 2012
A Brazilian Briefcase is when a person uses a paper shopping bag from a mass merchant retailer typically with handles, and the contents almost always contains a laptop computer.
Dude, check out the fancy Brazilian Briefcase Eduardo's sporting today.
by 312steve November 15, 2011

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