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I know one of these. They may, on several occasions during the course of one week, be spotted:

- wearing several different shirts with kanji or anime characters on them
- watching hours upon hours upon hours upon hours of anime and AMVs
- talking about all of the greatest "Japanese music" songs
- trying to draw manga but doing a really terrible job
- trying to impress Japanese people with their vast knowledge of the person's home country
- wanting eagerly to be included in any conversation involving anime
- calling self an otaku
- insisting on using chopsticks and talking about how skilled they are with chopsticks
- talking about martial arts and how they are skilled in it
- eating sushi/other japanese food and talking about it a lot, and making sure people see them eating it

And the big one...

Saying stupid, random phrases from animes to make it seem like they know Japanese.
They actually think you are impressed by this.
They have no real idea about how to speak the language but they pretend to.

Oh, and adding -san or other suffixes to names in real life and online.
Most of the time japanophiles know very little about anime, manga and overall japanese culture and put on the act to impress others who are more knowledgeable. They may have low self-esteem.
by 308 September 12, 2006

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