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After performing anal intercourse, ejaculating over the buttocks.
"I was riding her rump last night, and as soon as I came, I buttered her biscuits good"!
by 2slick2pretty July 25, 2003
1: Female Vagina

2: To have sexual relations with a female.
Hey baby, break me off a piece of that sweet potato pie!
by 2slick2pretty July 25, 2003
A vague and ambiguous term used by many females, typically used to covertly describe a male associate with whom they have sexual relations.
Ohh Landquisha, I called up my friend last night to come over and lay some pipe. He beat up my coochie better than the LAPD!
by 2slick2pretty July 25, 2003
1: An individual who performs fellatio upon another.
2: An overly talkative female.
1: "Your woman jawboned me so good last night, she could suck the rhine off of a watermeleon"!

2: I took my son to the movies and two women jawboned so much, I could hardly hear the dialogue.
by 2slick2pretty July 25, 2003
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