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Snarky term used at the Burningman festival which is held in the arid Black Rock Desert of Nevada where daytime temperatures often exceed 100F. The term specifically refers to a female who actively seeks and selects a male companion at the week-long festival primarily because he occupies an air-conditioned RV or trailer. The term entered popular usage in 2009, and appeared on t-shirts at the festival in 2010.
2ravens: Wow, that hot chick sure is hitting on Flux.

Fire-princess: She probably just a trailer chaser
#burningman #burning man #black rock desert #trailer #rv #desert #festival
by 2ravens January 16, 2011
A genuine but nonetheless overly theatrical emotional outburst usually by a female princess-personality or a stereotypically gay male. Combines the elements of a prissy personality, a hissy-fit, and a snit.
S/he stalked out of the restaurant in a prissy fit after the waiter glanced at her dress and commented that he didn't realize polka dots were back in fashion.
#hissyfit #hissy-fit #snit #prissy #princess
by 2ravens January 16, 2011
A female conceived during the North American blizzard of 2011, and born around November, 2011.
Husband: So what did the ultrasound show?

Wife (smiling): Oh honey, we're gonna have blizzybabe. (joyful sob). Now, we need just the right shade of pink for the baby's room.
#blizzyboy #blizzybabe #preggers #blizzard #storm #2011 #november
by 2ravens February 01, 2011
An individual conceived during the North American blizzard of 2011 and born approximately November, 2011. variations will include blizzybabe and blizzyboy.
Jason: So how old is your daughter?

EZ: Lemme see, eleven subtracted from...yeah, that's right, she was a blizzybaby.

or later usage:

Vero: Whats the 411 on the blizzybabe?

Anton: Dude, its 1111, not 41.

Vero: LOL, but that is so lame.
#blizzard #baby #conceived #boomer #boomerang #conception
by 2ravens February 01, 2011
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