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Someone (that you may or may not know) that texts you trying to find out more about you. Often with people that you just met.
Guy 1: Hey dude, last night Jerry called me on his sisters phone
Guy 2: Soo...?
Guy 1: His sister and her friend now have my number and thier text stalking me.
Guy 2: haha... man it sucks to be you
by 2Ninja4U October 25, 2009
One person stands still while the other pshysicaly moves them around to there liking
Before a Family Portrate
Photographer: Everyone gather over there and ill Tug-Boat You into position
Family (mumbles): Ok
by 2Ninja4U November 16, 2009
where someone who has played videogames too much resulting in their thumb, when bent, has all their thumb padding near the joint where the analog stick would not be.
gamer: Hey dude, look at my thumb its like gone all retarded
friend: thats normal for a l33t gamer. Its called gamers thumb
gamer: really? will it be normal agian?
friend: no ur not a l33t gamer, and yeah ur stuck with it like that
by 2Ninja4U August 27, 2009
a gay blue hedgehog that was made by sega, that was thought to have a chance to be a deacent rival aginst super mario. lately sonic games have been continuosly been made so sonic has new powers and new friends because the idea of a blue hedgehog running around is old and boring.
Bob: Hey dude look at this new sonic game
Edd: if its sonic its gotta be really bad
Bob: And why so?
Edd: Sonic was a dumb sega idea that was made so sega had a chance agianst nintendo's Super Mario and all he can do is run fast and and do a spinning jump
Edd: Super Mario is way better
Bob: Your right, sonic is sooooo gay
by 2Ninja4U August 28, 2009

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