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1) really fresh

2) cooler than Freddy Jackson drinkin' a milkshake in a snowstorm to keep his throat warm.

3) adjective to describe a friend, pal, buddy, or home skillet biscuit.

4) awesome

5) new, different, and good.
"Ay yo, where you get them kicks? They hella ziggy."

"Wassup my ziggy dude? Was poppin tonite?"

"Dude, who made this chicken? Its extra ziggy."

"That buster did like 79 ziggy ollies in a row."
by 22anavdb March 25, 2010
1) Someone who is extremely whack, unattractive, or just really dusty.
2) Someone sub-par, rudimentary in nature, and super dee-dooper lame.
3) Someone who is an invalid and dumb as that thang.
4) Someone who is broke down, busted, riding in the passenger's seat, or who is just pain effed up.
"Yo, he is hellaz busted. That fool hella goo."

"50 Cent is mad corny now. His rhymes extra goo."

"My bestie's new boyfriend is toe up and mad goo."
by 22anavdb March 25, 2010

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