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Acronym; pronunciation; like cosmic. That painting is very posmic.
Inspired by observing the Heavens. Cosmic themed.
"Your shirt is posmic."
#posmic #awesome #inspirational #cosmic #cosmik #cosmos
by 1Truth September 18, 2014
When you're high and drunk as hell and get some great vagina. Although, you may be so wasted that it was the worst sex you ever had and you'll never know it.
I got some budgina last night. She was a freak! I woke up this morning though and all I smelled was fish. It's weird, I didn't notice it last night.
#drunk #fish #alabama hot pocket #vagina #angry pirate
by 1TRUTH April 06, 2008
In this situation, a man would be in the process of getting head from his Partner, while he is standing and she is on her knees. Right before ejaculation the man would pull out, cum in her eyes, sit on top of her head and drop a deuce.
Last night I picked up this ho at the club and when she was giving me head I pulled off a mad hatter.
#angry pirate #alaskan pipeline #alabama hot pocket #glass bottom boat #cream pie
by 1TRUTH April 04, 2008
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