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A girl that walks like a fucking praying mantis and stalks people all the time. She has huge bug eyes and no boobs. She will usually have an annoying nasally voice and will chew gum obnoxiously loud.
Person 1: My friend won't stop following me and wont stop chewing gum.
Person 2:Youve got a Praying Mantis.
#praying #mantis #boob #eyes #annoying
by 1621122 November 03, 2011
A term used to describe someone who looks like they are half chipmunk and half human. There cheeks often protrude from the side of thier faces and will usually have long buckish like teeth.
Person 1: Damn that girl has large cheeks

Person 2: Oh yeah! Shes a reynolds.
#chipmunk #cheeks #teeth #protrude #face
by 1621122 November 03, 2011
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