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A Japanese organized crime syndicate, similar to the Mafia, or the Triads. They have some control of the Japanese social system, seeing as they own major things like casinos and the like. They have a strict code of loyalty and honor, which is a tradition long held by the Japanese. Yakuza are usually known to have large tattoos covering their backs, chests, and arms. They are also made famous by pop culture, an example being gangster flicks done by the famous Japanese director, Takeshi Kitano. Also, the whole cutting off of a fingertip is done by those who have angered the Yakuza as a plea for forgivness. THe name Yakuza translates roughly to 8-9-3, one of the worst hands you can get in Japanese Blackjack, where the goal is 19 instead of 21.
The Yakuza is a tough, powerful criminal organizations.
by 1337 Str33t Ninj4 July 27, 2004
Slang for an agent from the FBI.
I was caught by the feds on Saturday.
by 1337 Str33t Ninj4 August 17, 2004
Another term for a hired killer, just like hitman. Not really a common term anymore
Billy hired a hatchet man to whack Bob
by 1337 Str33t Ninj4 August 17, 2004
A Japanese spear, carried by footmen. Not to be confused with the naginata, a polearm with a long, curving blade and a shorter handle than a yari.
The yari was an essential part of feudal Japan's arsenal
by 1337 Str33t Ninj4 July 27, 2004

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