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Little Asia. An entire city taken over by Asians, weather they be Korean, Chinese, Arab, or Indian we have them. Just out side of baltimore, there is a diverse mix of Whites, Asians, and Afro-Americans. Some C-ville land marks we have are places like Opies, Patapsco State Park, Gamestops, Music Stores, and McDonalds' (and oh yeah, Walgreens, CVS, Riteaid, and the like). A business tradition of Catonsville is to start a business at the Sam's Club shopping Center where a cinema was built and whent out of buisness (a Gamestop in shopping center as well)The tradition goes: Open a theater or other, have no one go there EVER, loose money, go bankrupt, close, reopen, bankrupt again, sell building, Repeat. Dreams are born in Catnsville, mature, and Die in Baltimore, Annapolis, or Towson. The people here, in music city maryland are avarage, every day, modern Americans (excptions to the Asians, they are very old country fuddy duddys). On a day off teens go to Opies in the summer, Columbia mall in the winter. Night life: Need Improvement Culture: Average Things to do: Poor (go to Baltimore, Inner Harbor)
Catonsville's 4th of July
by 123Gorf321 December 05, 2010

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