3 definitions by 1-800-Asian Dave

verb : one male ejaculates into a woman's ass crack, then another male scoops up the cum with his penis then makes another woman suck it all off.
After a wild night at Mirage, Mikey and his friend double dip-sticked their underaged, drunken bitches.
by 1-800-Asian Dave October 01, 2007
(verb) : ejaculating into someone's ear, usually a female.
Mikey crag dangled Jennifer after a long night of old fashioned sex.
by 1-800-Asian Dave August 15, 2007
un-cum-fort-a-ble the act of ejaculating in a girl's belly button then making another girl take it as a body shot.

(pronounce the word with emphasis on each syllable)
Mikey felt very kinky, so he performed uncumfortable with his two mail-order brides.
by 1-800-Asian Dave September 22, 2007

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