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3 definitions by 0gi3

1. When somebody makes the mouthpiece of a bong/pipe wet with saliva accidentally, making it gross for the next user.

2. When somebody wets the smoking end of a blunt/spliff with their saliva accidentally, making it gross or even hard to smoke for the next user
1. Where's a paper towel?! Chris keeps nigger lipping my bubbler...

2 Way to go Chris, I can't even smoke this J you nigger lipped it so bad.
by 0gi3 October 20, 2008
A complete jackass to just about everybody he doesn't like. Basically a douschebag but a lot worse, with less/no friends. Has nothing to do with being gay, but lack of friends makes him sexuality confused.
Drew: Yo...Nick just took my last J...I think he lit up by himself...

Chris: Wow, what a douschefag...
by 0gi3 October 19, 2008
A tool is somebody who does way too much to try to fit in. So people use them, knowing that they will do anything to fit in, and pretend the tool will be liked if he/she follows through. Typically, a tool is too dumb to notice this. Trying too hard to fit in is what causes them to not fit in, often making akward comments or just annoying the shit out of everybody they're trying to hang out with.
Casey: *laughing* I just told Steve he could drive us to the party if he did my math and chem homework...

John: Wow, seriously, what a tool
by 0gi3 October 20, 2008