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Pernounced (P-e-e-u-s) is a very well known word used in situations when someone is being "That guy." Instead of telling them to shut the fuck up, call them a Pios.

Also known as emo bitches or pussies.
Wow, you're such a fucking pios you loser.
by 09wheresTheLine July 24, 2009
Pernounced (B-o-y-o-f-f), is commonely used when claiming someone is full of shit. Coming from the ghetto of Vernon Hills, it was created to say "bullshit" in a new way. When saying it, one must raise one leg and slap it with your hand, signifying BOYOFF!
Brett: I got you pack of squares
Taha: Fuck that, your pussy ass doesn't have anything. Boyoff you fuck. (While slapping leg)

George: I'm not a sardine...
by 09WheresTheLine July 24, 2009
(W-i-g-e-h-b-a-l-o-o-e-e-d). This is a interesting and new way of calling someone out when they are about to pass out. Instead of saying, "You're about to pass out," try something fun. Use the word Wigibalooed in any sentence involving someone about to fall asleep.
Brett: Damnit, Taha is wigibalooed again.
Jarrett: You would wigibaloo.
Taha: Blah blah blah, I'm going to watch family guy.
Brett: You're gonna fucking wigibaloo you pussy.
by 09WheresTheLine July 24, 2009

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