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Nutty, Crazy, Simple, Retarded,

One card short of a full deck
That was an unbelievable, amazing and really stupid thing he did. He must be "One fry short of a happy meal."

That guy is not all there, think he must be "One fry short of a happy meal."
by 007professor007 March 31, 2010
Source - medieval times, where healers would feel lumps bumps on scull, trying to diagnose the illness

The ones with the largest bumps and lumps were likely delirious and didn't make much sense.

So, the term having your bumps felt is usually a retort to a statement or remark from a person, or a situation where the issue is quite bizarre, or unbelievable or stupid.
Can't believe he stuck his hand in that stuff..."He needs his bumps felt"

I would have put blocks under that truck ..."when he gets out of hospital, he should consider having his bumps felt"

You "Having Your Bumps Felt Today" ....that was crazy !!
by 007professor007 March 29, 2010
The act of squeezing the last glass of wine from a wine box.

In these tougher times, many of us are drinking Box wine, and there is always one more glass in the box after the normal process or using the spout/nozzle

Rip open the Box (use a a fire starter) and flatten out the plastic bag. Grab all four corners with the spout pointed down....Looks like a flying squirrel.

Drain out all the remaining wine to the spout/nozzle and pour into glass.
How are we doing with that box of Wine - "Looks like we are going to need a Flying Squirrel"

No more wine ? "No, I used the last, had to Flying Squirrel it"
by 007professor007 April 21, 2010

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