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1 definition by ..,,.,.,...,

"Dirty Cunt" is a phrase that is used to describe a female who is putting in the effort to try and make one's life miserable. Unfortunately, these girls lack brains and are all disgusting in their appearance. They will often make up lies, spread rumors to try and feel better about themselves. In layman's terms they are slimy cowards that have no limits of shame and will try and fuck one's boyfriend behind one's back. They cannot be trusted by anyone one of intelligence, wits, beauty, and power. IF one lacks just one of these adjectives then they are a dirty cunt.

Where can one find such filth you may ask.. New Hyde Park, Ronkonkoma, and Sound Beach. BEWARE.
girl: that dirty cunt just called my bf
girl2: no doubt she a dirty cunt, is she from new hyde park
girl: she must be hahaha
girl2: hahahahah
by ..,,.,.,..., November 25, 2007