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A device used for smoking pot, BONG.
Lets hit yo hubbly bubbley before yo mums gets here.
by -j.o.e- November 15, 2007
slang for some heroin.
Addict- "Hook me up with some cat D-bo"
D-bo- "Alrite,lets hurry before the heat rolls up in here, you need a gun so you can get it straight in yo gutter too?"
Addict- (refreshed)
by -j.o.e- November 15, 2007
Wheels consisting on 30 inches, only rappers and drug dealers can afford these rims.
1)"Ridin' 30's on the hummer, '07 is the yearr" -Project Pat
by -j.o.e- November 15, 2007
Were drugs are injected in a vein.
Man load up yo gun and shoot it in my gutter.
by -j.o.e- November 15, 2007

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