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A person that don't need any type of drug inlcuding alcahol or anything to tell you whats really on his mind and what his problem is... he will not put you down nor bother you unless piss him off but otherwise he wont give a fuck about you and do what he wants to do!
At a pub... (bar)

Juggalo 1:so what you been up 2 man?
Juggalo 2:just chilling dude.

Juggalo 2: dude what the fuck that guy is staring at us...
Juggalo 1: So fuck man ignore him.

Guy+Friends: You pair of weird fuck

Juggalo 1:Shut the fuck up dude...
Juggalo 2:man fuck this shit lets go he is annoying me

Guy+Friends: Yea thats it walk on pussy bitch boys

Depends on the state of mind a juggalo is in what happens next... >:}
by -W|tch-Doct0r- November 29, 2007

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