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a town in Pinal county Arizona. 16 miles for phoenix. town made up of 100,000 empty houses (thanks to Bush) and nothing to do. teens run away screaming. cheap housing.
boy says: im moving to maricopa!!

another boy says: thats a fuckin wasteland with nothing to do.

boy says: but we got our house cheap!!
#maricopa #wasteland #terrible #empty #pathetic
by -JOSHUA- February 28, 2009
A Lesbian best friend to a gay man. One who knows all the secrets, and never judges you for them (well... For the most part).
hey gay dude... Is that your lesbian best friend?

Gay dude; yeah that's my Boobstie.
#gay #lesbian #best friend #boobs #love
by -JOSHUA- December 31, 2014
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