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a memeber of a livejournal community that is better looking than you, tougher than you, has better taste than you, and pretty much is better than you.
the furries didn't stand a chance against the bravado and cleverness of the indiefucks.
by getknifed July 26, 2005
A livejournal community where the people are nice to each other but will thrash any new comer by spamming their entries with horrid insults and mockery until the newcomer leaves. Not worth attempting to join.
Newcomer: Hello guys
Indiefucks: GTFO you fucktard.
by Alecia S. November 28, 2006
A popular community in livejournal, but since they're a little less kind to noobs, only about 50 people actually post anything. May remind you of the old newnonuglies, only uglier.
random horny guy:new picture post on indiefucks people!
girl: ok, but you can't see my boobs
random horny guy who happens to own a threadless-shirt: boobs!
girl: (.)(.)


girl with glasses, and also a little fat: post pictures of kittens, omg, my car broke down, I need kittens
random person: *posts guy with a stretched out anus*
by noooob May 30, 2006
a community on livejournal full of retarded assholes.
person 1: those indiefucks sure are retarded assholes, imho.
person 2: iawtc!!!11 ^___^
by mr. t. March 12, 2005
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