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2 definitions by -[MDA]-

The temporary loss of memory as soon as you enter a walmart store and forget everything there was on the shopping list (even when you had meticulously made a neat mental list). Recovery occurs slowly starting exactly when you pulled out of parking all the way until you reached your home.
Irritated Wife: Did you bring all that I'd asked for?
unhappy-with-himself Husband: No, I suffered a Walmart Amnesia.
Irritated Wife: You lazy scumbag!
by -[MDA]- June 26, 2010
1. A kind of soda beverage.
2. One of the fine modern examples of addressing the growing drinking water problem worldwide.
3. One of the many phrases invented to attract immigrants, clueless about what kind of drinking they'd do if they moved to Canada.
Guy 1: It said 'Drink Canada Dry'. So, I am moving to Toronto!
Guy 2: -sigh- Moron..
by -[MDA]- June 26, 2010