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1) Any concept or topic of discussion occurring primarily to satiate intellectual cravings.

2) Suggestive of any concept or topic of discussion that is excessively intellectual. Oftentimes not grounded in the practicalities of everyday life.
"Yea, I still remember some Immanuel Kant philosophy from school, but I don't such material useful. It's for professors, philosophers, and sophists. Kant's book is just one of many intellectual chew toys."
any form of rolled smokeable or cigarette that is so sublimely "packed" as to allow an (easily foldable) excess of paper at the tip. Once this tip is folded once inward, a batman-like hat is apparent.
Friend #1: Dude, I'm pretty stressed. Can I bum a smoke?

Friend #2: My man, not only can you have a smoke... I bequeath unto thee a batsmoke !! folds the tip as mentioned and hands his friend the righteous smokeable.
The arch-nemesis of Captain Fuck Yes; powerless save for his utter ruthlessness to be a consistent cock-ring in making good times miserable/lame.
Oh shit! I WAS having such a great time until that buzzkill, fucknut, The Crimson Pope, arrived at the cookout. Can we please get Captain Fuck Yes over here?

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