22 definitions by (Anwar ) Plan-A-Emcee

flaming flaggot: a extremely gay person (no offense) off the wall gay or homosexual. almost as if they are trying too hard to be different..extremely openly homo..
hey look at that flaming flaggot!

shut up you flaming flaggot!!

wassuuup flaggot!
by (Anwar ) Plan-A-Emcee May 18, 2005
sqaatch: originates from the word sqat.
or to sqat down...It ultimately means to bend down and take a dump shit.
when you really have to go to the bathroom use this word.
hey ZEE let's play one more game of Madden NFL 2006..

zee replies, "hold up I got to take a sqaatch !!"

you reply, " go take a sqaatch then, tutti head.
by (Anwar ) Plan-A-Emcee May 20, 2005
Sedz Pedz Dredz: the ultimate confirmation of seriousness..
it is a follow up to sedz pedz
and finalizes the truthfullness of sedz.
joe: I sold five cars yesterday!
juan: sedz (serious)
joe: sedz pedz (very serious)
juan: sedz pedz dredz (no bullshit, very very serious)

joe: yeah fool sedz pedz dredz!
by (Anwar ) Plan-A-Emcee May 20, 2005
saucey: hip-hop lingo.. saucey as in easy flowing.. positive in meaning..
yo man your styles are saucey son!
plan-a-emcee is the sauciest M.C. around and if you don't know I will see you at Scribble Jam.
by (Anwar ) Plan-A-Emcee May 18, 2005
Brew: like a bro.. or brother... guys like beers or brews therefore it is natural to call a good friend a brew.
suuuup BREEEEW!

how you doing brew

naw brew I'm tired brew!!

meet my best brew, BREEEEW!
by (Anwar ) Plan-A-Emcee May 18, 2005
snugz: slang for tight pants or clothing..almost too tight! should be used to make fun of someone. (2) can also mean snuggle
hey Vic your dads sweats are so tight i'm gonna call him snugz

why you wearing them snugz homie..

look at captain snugz and his tight a$$ jeans.
by (Anwar ) Plan-A-Emcee May 18, 2005
twinky: slang for 20...can be used in street sales for drugs.. also can be refering to 20 inch rims
I need to get a twinky from you dawg

did you get that twinky sack?

damn look at those twinkies on that ride!
by (Anwar ) Plan-A-Emcee May 18, 2005

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