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5 definitions by —thoughtstorms—

An Alliance soldier or officer. (Used in reference to an Alliance Captain in Firefly Episode "Bushwhacked".) The Alliance's official colors include purple and are used on the abdomen (belly) of Alliance troop body armor.
"But Captain, did you hear what that purple belly called Serenity?" — Kaylee Frye
by —thoughtstorms— March 26, 2009
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Adjective: The quality of having a hidden religious agenda.

Even before the early 1980s, when Kerry Livgren and Dave Hope became born-again Christians - just listen to their asecular lyrics.

Also known as: Stealth Christian \ Stealth Jew \ Stealth Muslim \ Stealth Buddhist \ Stealth Hindu \ Stealth Amway \ Stealth Religious

See also Stealth Agenda, Jeezoid
Their instrumentals rock - but i am getting a real asecular vibe from the vocals!

We could watch Faux News and count the times they try to seem asecular!

I can't believe how brazenly asecular she is turning out to be!
by —thoughtstorms— January 26, 2010
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Adjective (comparative = more adogmatic, superlative = most adogmatic)

A quality of rejecting dogma in all forms. An aversion to stubbornly adhering to insufficiently proven beliefs; and those persons who feel that they must.

*Note* Similar but distinct from Atheist, Antitheist, Agnostic! This regards dogma specifically. An adogmatic person might have belief in ~ or open mind regarding ~ preternatural matters... but will NEVER go on a jihad \ crusade \ killing spree - or persecute anyone over superstitious trivia.

Synonyms: Open-minded, thoughtful, thinker, free-thinker, intellectually active, unbrainwashed.

From Latin (a-), “‘without’”) + dogma ('philosophical tenet'), from Ancient Greek δόγμα ('opinion, tenet')

LIKELY adogmatists: Christopher Hitchins, God, Bill Maher, The Great Atheismo, Dennis Miller, Jon Stewart, Jesus of Nazareth, Richard Dawkins, Albert Einstein .....
Oh, he's so adogmatic that he refuses to join our crusade against the heretics that use the words "debt" and "debtors" in The Lord's Prayer!!!

Please understand, I am adogmatic. I don't care about virgin births, throwing salt over a shoulder, or who was "daddy's favourite" hundreds of years ago! Can we discuss things that matter - and can be defined - in a sensible manner? ... Didn't think so. Peace. *walks away sadly*
by —thoughtstorms— February 28, 2010
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1. A person that is equal in your esteem to a lump of feces

2. A lump of feces
In the Pilot Episode of Firefly (aired last by the same backbirths that cancelled it after less than a season) the "Purplebelly" Federal Agent sometimes called the "Mole" says, “Do you think I am a complete back birth?”
by —thoughtstorms— March 26, 2009
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(also spelled "insignifiCUNT") - a person that is too worthless for any other adjective. Please note: gender unrelated! Rush Limbaugh is at least as worthy a poster-child as Ann Coulter or the moronic 26 year old meth-freak that burned down the 5th oldest tree on the planet.
(sung to the tune of a Warner Brothers + Sisters theme)
You're an insignifiCUNT!
I should kick you in your FRONT!
You're a big, fat, stupid stoop -
and, you prematurely droop -
You're an in•sig•ni•fi•CUNT!
by —thoughtstorms— March 02, 2012
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