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The most feared and dangerous type of Jew in the known universe. He lurks in the shadows and startles non-jews who happen to cross his path. Upon startling his prey, the Stealth Jew will shout "Shalom" and hit the non-jew on the head with a Stealth Dreidal, the weapon of choice for these fearsome hebrews. Several hours later, the non-jew will awake with a severe headache and a significantly lighter wallet.
I would have come earlier, but a Stealth Jew took my bus money.
by Sir.R June 03, 2010
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A Jewish person who due to genetic variables or intermarriage is often mistaken for a Christian person.
Usually a larger, more aggressive, heavily armed jewish person.
The Goldberg/Lyle Alzado kind of Jew... Not the Woody Allen/David Schwimmer kind of Jew.

All the money... Twice the testosterone!
Bob: Did'ja Hear the one about the Jew in the concentration camp...
Marc: What did you say Motherfucker?
Bob: What, are you a Heeb or something?
Marc: Kick, Stomp, Smush... "That'll Learn ya... Bitch"
Bystander: Check it out... Stealth Jew!
by The Machine September 28, 2006
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A person who, at first appearance doesn't appear Jewish, but upon further conversation, reveals him/herself to be.
A: So, what did you do over the weekend?
B: I fasted.
A: Wait, why?
B: It was Yom Kippur... duh.
A: Wait, you're Jewish?
B: Yeah, I'm a Stealth Jew.
by Kasu Shinbai September 30, 2009
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