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The currency of Israel, used by many Jews accross the world.
"Sheila, can ya hand me thoity shmoigles? I need to get my sinuses checked again, I'm shvitsin up a fever. Oy!
by ßæ$† March 23, 2009
Shly (Adj): To be ridiculously slimy, oily, or otherwise greasy, while at the same time being very sly. The y sound can be accentuated, "Shlyyyyy".

"Sir, may I be excused from the lesson, I have an appointment with my....dental proffessional."

"What a shly dog."


"Apologies, my table tennis tournament, the TTTT, has had to be...terminated. There will be no refunds."

"Hisssssssssssss, shly! Shly!"
by ßæ$† September 28, 2009
(v) Phallify: To envelop an adjacent student's property/book/paper/face/all of the above in crudely drawn male genitalia.
"Sir, can I go to the toilet?"
"Of course...why are you taking your book with you?"
"Everyone's lurking around me with their pens uncapped"
"Ah I see, well, no one likes getting phallified; away with you."



Student: "He's gone, and he's left his homework behind."

Teacher: "Phallify that shit. NOW."


Man #1: "Hahaha that wasteman passed out after three drinks!"

Man #2: "Let's rape him!"

Man #1: "...Or we could just phallify him?"

Bill: "Yeah, fuck it, go on then"
by ßæ$† December 15, 2009
1: When a man needs to clean either himself or an item of his clothing in a hurry. This is achieved by spraying his clothes or, as the case may be, himself, with copious quantities of deodorant. Success is rare, and actual washing is always preferable, but requires substantially more time and effort, and therefore is frequently avoided.

2: When one cannot / does not have time to brush one's teeth, and a tic tac or gum is the only viable alternative.
Man 1: "Dude this shirt is filthy, I can't wear this shit..."
Man 2: "It's cool just give it a quick man-wash, no one will notice!"

Man 2: "You fucking stink!"
Man 1: "Shit and I'm meeting my girlfriend in 10 minutes!"
Man 1: "Hang on let me run inside, a quick man-wash and it'll be fine.
by ßæ$† July 22, 2010
Either used to describe a person for killing a conversation, or alternatively a single statement can brick it horrendously on its own. Below are examples of both.
Person1: The answers six pi.
Person2: Than-
Person3 (Interjecting): What's that, the contents of your stomach!
*They laugh*


White boyin blazer: I'm de blackest mon dis side o' Camden!
by ßæ$† May 02, 2009
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