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Founded by Phoenix5, Pwnsome is a new era of rage. unlike myg0t and g00ns, pwnsome does not stick to Teamspeaks or HL2 based games such as counterstrike, pwnsome rages websites, Instant messaging services, Teamspeaks, phone numbers, as well as any game they can get thier hands on. Pwnsome members are hackers, and they arent afraid to rage you for complaining. the pwnsome group is based on pwnsome.com of which is thier forums.
Pwnsome Rage Examples: (From:cr1sp3nd)
"Only, certain people can rage...
unfortunatly all of you can't.
cr1speay is m3n.'

Pwnsome Teamspeak rage: (From: ÐarkPatriot)
" "New Player" Username:"IDK How to Use this"
<18:05:47> *chan* ÐarkPatriot: YOU GET A FUCKIN MIC AND YOU TALK
<18:05:57> *chan* ÐarkPatriot: SIMPLE
<18:05:59> *priv* SERVER: Client "IDK How to Use this" got kicked from Server by "L33TMaster", reason "Get a Mic and come back =0" "
by ÐarkPatriot March 05, 2007

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