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1 definition by  PimpUigi

A knockoff of an original.
1. Kareem Campbell does the Ghetto Bird; Jimmy Carlin does the shitty thomas.
2. Jimmy Carlin spells it Chetty Thomas. However, it's pronounced shitty thomas. Thus shitty thomas is a knockoff in itself.
3. Zangief does the Spinning Pile Driver; Hugo does the shitty thomas.
4. Sting does the Scorpion Deathlock, while Bret Hart does the shitty thomas.
5. Dr Pepper Snapple Group sells 7 Up, but The Coca-Cola Company sells the shitty thomas.
6. Led Zeppelin sings Kashmir, and Puff Daddy sings the shitty thomas.
7. Sonic The Hedgehog is The Fastest Thing Alive, while Rainbow Dash is the shitty thomas.
by  PimpUigi October 31, 2011
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