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2 definitions by PimpUigi

Chill Power is the measurement of positive energy generated between yourself and others.
We get along so well, everyone laughs at all our jokes and they become funkified by our chill power.
by PimpUigi October 07, 2011
Sex Kick is the fan name of the neutral air kick for many characters in the popular game Super Smash Bros. Melee.

It comes out hard, gets soft, and totally fucks everyone.

Dr. Mario has the Viagra Kick, because unlike all the other characters Sex Kick, his comes out soft, and then gets hard.
Ping: I hate getting hit out of my combos and killed by Luigi's Sex Kick, it's a get out of jail free card.

PimpUigi: Hey, Luigi can't win without having Sex.
by PimpUigi September 10, 2011