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A company that is trying to take over the world

Search engine was not enough

they made mobile phones
they made a web browser
they made a free email service
there making a Operating System
they will soon make a MP4 player
they will soon move into financial institutions(banks, credit loans)

when will it stop?
Google slowly taking over this rock called earth
by |Grayfox| July 08, 2009
Yippe-ki-yay-Mother Fucker
best quote from all die hard movies said by bruce willis

"Yippe-ki-yay-Mother Fucker"

youtube video
by |Grayfox| November 30, 2009
a issue that is caused by the user and not the computer they are using
user error phrases include
PEBKAC=Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair
PICNIC=Problem in Chair, Not in Computer
Layer 8=The 8th layer on the OSI Model being the user
by |Grayfox| March 03, 2011

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