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9 definitions by ^Sparco^

1. a) An outrageous TV character who likes to wear yellow clothes and big sunglasses.
b) Not Ali A, Ali B, Ali C not Ali D....Ali.....Ali..... but Ali G!

2. Ali G language: Derivation of English language. root: Ali G in DA house
Da = The
Ya = You
Sup = What is up?
r = Are
Ma = My
Gotcha = Go to
Gimme = Give me
Kewl = Cool
Aight = Alright
Meista = Master
Wat = What
Wanna = Want to

Note: pluralz are ended in z: i.e. Rulez = rules
by ^Sparco^ January 28, 2005
1. Stupid Sega Saturn game, in which you are a big blue chicken that must save all the little, yellow chickens while you avoid some foxes :roll:

2. As a result: Synonym of stupid
- What a flicky TV show!
- Yeah, LOL.

- bendnoandbfe!!! arf! arf! arf! huhuhuhullulullu!!
- Stop acting so flicky, poser!
by ^Sparco^ April 03, 2005