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1) magical spell

2) an alteration of a rule or physical law.

3) a change in basic rules or laws.

4) an aberration but without negative or positive connotation.

5) can be trippy but without drug use.

6) a modification to one of many rules is not a powerful thing but may allow for other more powerful things to take place.
1) it was as if someone actually used a cantrip when the magician levitated off the stage and defied the laws of gravity.

2) the same force that causes gravity also causes a cantrip on three dimensional space that we have yet to conclusively understand and believe may allow for the warping of time.

3) cross gendered people are aberrations where as people who have non-gendered homosexual identity are more likely to be true cantrips of nature as it's impossible to identify ones self as being the opposite of something that is just a socially constructed fiction to begin with. only through aberration is such a thing possible.

4) deciding not to use the crosswalk when it's perfectly safe to do so is not criminal thus it is not jay walking or any other aberration of law and order. when and where it does get you across the street safer and quicker for everyone, it is a cantrip of the law.

5) it was as if the whole world might stand on it's ear when we realized a polar shift was in progress and magnetic north was something that can move! it felt like a cantrip had been played and reality might spin itself out of control in our minds but it was really nothing to worry about.

6) the cantrip change to privatization in california's electric power supply lead to ridiculously increased electricity prices and price gauging.
#synonyms: aberration #diviation of rules #magic #spell #charm.
by ]23[]D(())//\\//\\a[]\[] July 22, 2012
kilt-er an-ee

a ridiculously old and nearly lost term for to describe something off balance or something that just doesn't fit.

last known usage was in central WI by an ~80 year old woman in ~1992.
kilter annie

a ridiculously old and nearly lost term for to describe something off balance or something that just doesn't fit.

last known usage was in central WI by an ~80 year old woman in ~1992.
#caddywompus #off kilter #unbalanced #impressionist #expressionist #abstract.
by ]23[]D(())//\\//\\a[]\[] July 23, 2012
literal (smoke)

someone who doesn't smoke in the same room or apartment where their computer is might type this in conjunction with BRB to indicate that they're breaking from whatever online interaction they having with another person or persons over the internet for at least the duration of time it takes them to smoke a cigarette. ~ 4-10min.
brb, smk.
#smoke #ciggarett #cancer stick #tobacco #nicobuff.
by ]23[]D(())//\\//\\a[]\[] July 23, 2012
the original Denzien, x marks the spot.
"don't even look here or you'll die" - Denxien.
#there #is #but #one #denxien.
by ]23[]D(())//\\//\\a[]\[] July 22, 2012
previous definition ment to say, riviting everyone on the block's car doors shut.

goat + fucked

the state you might find yourself in after being tijuana kidnapped (possibly just babysat) by satanists.

literal - waking up after a blackout drunk bender, naked, tied to a tree, with a goat, and the goat is dead.
reciting the past tense scenario and literal definition of 'goatfucked' to ones mother and her exasperating "i'm way too old to have that much fun."
#raped #super fucked #supremely fucked #druged and fucked #cast with dahmer on survivor.
by ]23[]D(())//\\//\\a[]\[] July 23, 2012
literal (nicotine fix)

someone who might say nicobuff might be corrected by someone that a nicobuff is actualy a debuff
person 1: brb refreshing nicobuff.

person 2: dont u mean nicodebuff? it's a debuff.
#cigarette #nicotine fix #cancer stick #smoke break #nicobuff.
by ]23[]D(())//\\//\\a[]\[] July 23, 2012
literal (nicotine fix.)

someone who smokes and plays online games, where there is some degree of communication, might say this to reffer to the state of their nicotine dose.
person 1: my nicobuff expired 5 minutes ago.

person 2: okey, go refresh it, brb bio afk.
#nicodebuff #nicofix #smoke cigarette #smoker #cancer stick.
by ]23[]D(())//\\//\\a[]\[] July 23, 2012
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