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literal (smoke)

someone who doesn't smoke in the same room or apartment where their computer is might type this in conjunction with BRB to indicate that they're breaking from whatever online interaction they having with another person or persons over the internet for at least the duration of time it takes them to smoke a cigarette. ~ 4-10min.
brb, smk.
by ]23[]D(())//\\//\\a[]\[] July 23, 2012
Shit my knickers. Used in the place of OMG or when something is so funny you happen to shit yourself.
Please arise for the pimp hand strong prayer. "Dear Lord, please make me pimp hand strong so I can teach this bitch ass ho some respect. Amen."

by SkyeWhatsernamePimpHandStrong August 15, 2011
Shorthand for a game played with women. Consists of getting a Blowjob and inturn having her swallow you semen, which explains the name of the game.

SMK = Swallow My Kids
Hey, want to play a nice game of SMK?
by Absolute Shadows May 21, 2005
(smacking my knee) you say this when you think something is funny
omg that is suppper funnny i am smking !!
by cheeseandcrackers85 March 23, 2011
Abbreviation for Slagsmålsklubben , an awesome Swedish electronic band.
smk play the best bitpop
by C26000a January 18, 2008
Shake my Kasia.

(Smk) is in great honour of the amazing polish supermodel Kasia Struss.
Guy 1: I love Natasha Poly
Guy 2: Smk. She sucks!
by Keith Tbh December 29, 2011
-When laughing so hard you slap you knee.
-Another form of LOL
SMK, that is so funny.
(Slap My Knee)
by DDRA87 September 07, 2010

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