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3 definitions by [x]Media400

A player who pisses people off with his noobness and sometimes trash talks about how good he is.
pro0dawg: shit im so good at this game i can play whilst banging a sheep

xMedia400 pwned pro0dawgs head

xMedia400: im sorry u say something?

pro0dawg: u suck shit
xMedia400: stfu bitchnoob
by [x]Media400 May 23, 2009
It is when someone tells you something and you don't believe it whilst it will never happen. Mostly used when people lie all the time.
guy1:hey dude i fucked a girl
guy2:no way man

10mins later

guy1:dude man i really fucked a girl
guy2:srsly dude thats multi-bull
guy1:oh yeah how?
guy2:your fat and ugly


guy2:and remeber that time when u said that a girl gave you a bj, that was also multi-bull cuz ur penis is so short xD
guy1:oh stfu
by [x]Media400 May 20, 2009
Lying On The Grass Thinking

mostly used when someone asked you "what are you doing today" usually people say it to piss them off or to be carefree and think about life
guy1: you dude what u doing today?
guy2: ima L.O.T.G.T and think about my awesome gf
guy1: for real =!=

guy2: dude really wow u dont get me at all i dont fucking have one
guy1: lulz wanna hang out
guy2: sure

another one

guy1: damn, my computer broke, my gf broke up with me, my taco fell on the ground, my mom called me a fag, i have no money, what else can go wrong in my life

guy2: dude ur just stressed, go and to LOTGT its going to be fun it helps you organize ur feelings and taughts

guy1:ok dude thanks
by [x]Media400 May 22, 2009