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when you think someone is lieing. you have to say lie buster, then the people around you have to pound your fist or everybody thats around you
guy #1 ey ima get some tonite

guy #2 lie buster!!who wood wanna get some from you han-wella
by [that}clever{DJ] March 10, 2010
1. someone that is younger then you, or a begeaner
2. usaly those people that jerk. beacuse then how wood they be able to wear there tight ass pants
guy #1 dude how can that guy wear those pants, he wont be able to have kids

guy #2 oh dont worry he has baby nuts, he could never have any.

guy #1 whact me get this girl

guy #2 you cant,you have baby nuts
by [that}clever{DJ] March 10, 2010
to hit it and quit it basicly then you gotta do the hand shake for ever girl you see you whould tap & leave, the hand shake is to the plam part of your hand with somebody else that knows it, then you move your hand bacc then you slap the bacc part of your hand with the same persons bacc hand.
foo i wood so tap and leave that
by [that}clever{DJ] March 09, 2010
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