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The typical Chinese guy more commonly found in Singapore. Similar to lian. Dyed hair, listens to techno. Pretty vulgar too. Speaks in Chinese and Hokkien more often than English. And when they do speak English, it may be hard to understand their mangled form of English.

However, there are those few Bengs who are actually pretty highly-educated. But their manner gives it away.

Often think people are constantly staring at them. Sometimes this results in a fight with whoever they thought were staring at them.
The Ah bengs at the void deck are making such a ruckus. And it's 1am now!
by [kat] May 24, 2006
also known as Ah Lian. The typical kind of chinese girl only found in Singapore who listens to techno, speaks vulgar (mostly in Chinese and Hokkien). Often found with straight dyed hair. The female version of beng.
That Lian tried to pick a fight with me coz she taught I was staring at her. She thinks she's so nice to look at, is it?
by [kat] May 24, 2006
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