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To look back on or contemplate on a past humorous situation and realize a more witty comment to have said.
When my wife asked me "Does this dress make me look fat?"
I said "No, honey."

In witrospect, I should have told her "No honey, the fat makes you look fat." To produce laughter amongst the guys.
by [B]Saint June 09, 2008
To be assaulted with a croissant
John: Bitch, I'm a minute away from throwing a croissant in your face!

Bitch: Please don't croissault me!
by [B]saint March 13, 2009
When you try to pull off a April Fool's joke and fail horribly.
Indie Radio DJ: Coming up next is Left Behind by Slipknot!
::listeners tune out, song finishes::
Indie Radio DJ: OH HO HO! April Fool's!
Random Guy: Wow, more like April Fail's joke.
by [B]saint April 01, 2009

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