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54 definitions by ???

A childish and disrespectful way of calling a person with an indian backround. (from India)
My baby cousin said, "Hey look at the hundi gundi ride his bike!"
by ??? May 07, 2005
1. A student at Miami University of Ohio.

2. An imaginary creature easily recognised by its premantly popped collar.
Break out the J-Crew catilogs...here come the Redhawks.
by ??? February 15, 2005
A combination of the word cheeto, and the word penis. Also known as cheese penis.
My grandmother said not to play with my cheenus anymore.
by ??? June 06, 2003
a person either male or female (or somewhere in between) that loves the cock
Eat a dick you cock smoker
by ??? July 14, 2003
someone that is currently typing up my english assignment
what a nigger mizzle gizzle is, he plays 4 a crap bball team though
by ??? November 11, 2003
A old word that was used to describe something excellent, great and like everyone else said on here, 'cool'.
That was like, TOTALLY rad dude!
by ??? August 05, 2003
see tubgirl
man that picture of tubgirl looks like a nacho cheese fountain
by ??? April 15, 2004