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a fine, sexy ass, tall guy.
a well rounded individual.
ladies love him
Damn, i wanna be like Lenny when I grow up. dATS SAT NIGGA.
by ???? February 19, 2005
The light of my day; beautiful; pretty girl
Who's that? Oh shit that Kisha!
by ???? January 22, 2004
A person with Auburn colored pubic hair. Also see firecrotch
"Matthew Munden"

"Dude lets go chill with auburn nuts tonight."
by ???? July 11, 2004
this hot girl damn....its inconceivable
wow..its nataleigh..cute
by ???? April 19, 2005
The only thing worse than a townie! They somehow manage to have a lower IQ than a regular chav and they have a fake attitude problem and think they are funny but infact they are just retards! They are hated by everyone including their heros "townies"
WT: Respect
Townie: Fuck up of you wannabe
by ???? March 06, 2005
King of Prussia Mall in King of Prussia, PA
Omg, so I went to KOP today and got awesome clothes!
by ???? February 26, 2005
The sickest trick you will ever see, a linkon loop then a 180 out, this is on skies. This trick is named after the skier who first landed it, keaton brown.
Dude you should try a keaton brown.
by ???? March 07, 2005

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