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Stir Guts.


1. The act of engaging in vigorous intercourse, wherein the tip of the penis is imagined to mix either the: (1) internal viscera; or, (2) contents of the stomach of the coital recipient.
E.g. 1: "Dude, she was way hot." 2: "Yeah, I'd stir guts. . . ."
by <::Chipper::> August 17, 2009
Surround Pound


1. Pleasure-saturated intercourse, wherein the receiving buttocks, or badonkadonk, is so prodigious as to encompass the sender's anterior torso.
E.g. "Dude, I met this girl with such a fat ass. . . Total surround pound material."

"Found you Miss New Booty! Damn, shorty can get a surround pound."

"Look at that ass. . . ." "Yeah, she could probably give you a surround pound."
by <::Chipper::> August 17, 2009
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