14 definitions by $pazz

when u done something against the law and they lookin 4 u and u stay out of the might 4 a while; at a friends house,aunt/uncle.
yo since that boy got pinched sellin' he duckin at his girls house.
by $PAZZ April 01, 2003
a fat ass. each time u add "a doonk" to it that means it gets bigger and bigger
good god almightly! girl u got a badoonka doonk, dont hurt nobody!
by $pazz April 06, 2003
origin: southern buffalo a slang term for saying yeah.
person 1: u gonna ride 2nite?
Person2: jea!
by $PAZZ April 01, 2003
a situation when a shooting, fight or beatdown might happen.
oh shit its bout 2 get real ulgy up in here.
by $PAZZ April 01, 2003
an ounce(oz) ie. coke, buds, herion.
just bought a Z from the boy on the block.
by $pazz April 06, 2003
wearing expensive shit and a nice car, from illegal money(drugs stealing, gun slinging.)
the boys grindin in the club with the big chains and the dollars.
by $PAZZ April 01, 2003
by us fuck u!
by $pazz April 06, 2003

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