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A person whose life is so empty that they live to use their self-sacrifice as a weapon against you. In their neuropathological state they believe that by doing so this places them above you, whether intellectually, socially, financially etc.
A martyr always suffers from the 'Christ-Complex' a neurotic crusade (psychosis) that they feel empowers their otherwise meaningless & miserable existence.

Main weapons in the arsenal of the martyr include:

The guilt trip ( www.urbandictionary.com )

High explosives & nails. ( def:nailbomb www.urbandictionary.com )

Chances are that we ALL know a martyr. See if you can spot which of your 'friends' or work 'colleagues' is one.
Joe: "It's OK John, I don't mind cleaning up all your crap & covering for you while you go home early... again."
John: "Aw... you're a real FRIEND Joe! Thanks. How can my sick wife & I ever repay you?
Manager: "Are you STILL here Joe? Jeez, you're such a MARTYR"
Joe: "Yeah, I'm not feeling so good boss, but we're so short-staffed, what with JOHN GOING HOME EARLY that I thought I'd better stay & PICK UP ALL HIS SHIT... AGAIN.
John: "Hey boss, how are things at the office?"
Manager: "Better now that Joe has replaced you" "Did I mention that YOU'RE FIRED?"

Tourist: "Hello young man, that heavy coat looks very hot on a day like today!"
by $miffy June 08, 2007
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