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An improvized fragmentation device using nails, or similar readilly available metal objects as schrapnel.

Typically used by terrorists,and revolutionaries with out a governmental military budget. See also: Pipebomb, Molotov Coctail
Mind the nailbomb.
by Psiberzerker April 11, 2004
A bomb used by extremist groups (of all ideologies) that causes horrific damage due to the shrapnel that is projected outwards on detonation of the device. Somtimes in place of nails will be nuts/bolts and other small pieces of metal.
by Austin November 09, 2003
Act of having diarrhea so badly that the entire inside of the toilet is spray painted with excrement.
Art runs screaming from the bathroom, cursing at Evan.

Evan: Dude, calm down, what's your issue?

Art: DUDE, if you're gonna' have a nail bomb in my toilet, at least give a second flush! My cleaning lady doesn't come until Friday!
by g-othermal November 02, 2009
When I guy positions himself against a wall with his feet in the air so that his weight is balanced on his upper back and shoulders and masturbates until he blows his load into his own face.
I got a kink in my neck from last night's nail bomb
by CaligulaCaligulaCaligula January 06, 2006
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