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Skaggle (ská glé) adj.

Skaggle, to call someone a skaggle is the equivalent of calling someone a junkie, pillhead, crackhead, meth addict, etc.

A general terminology for the everyday sorry loser, the bum with ripped jeans, the kid from the alley, the one armed pill junkie, the listerine addict . . . the comparisons can go on for infinity, but in all equality a skaggle really is just a skaggle, to be called a skaggle is without a doubt one of the lowest statements that can be given to an individual.

Can also be used in the form of "Skaggle'n" or "Skaggling" which is used to describe a somewhat state of party/intoxication.
"Your A Fricken Skaggle Kid !"

"Gimme My Money Ya Fricken Skaggle !"

"Everyday I'm 'Skaggle'n' !" ~ $$ LA. CASH $$
by $$ L.A. CASH $$ June 23, 2011
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