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(Noun): A random, unrelated assortment of pictures sent via text to someone for absolutely no reason, when it is least expected. The selection is made from pictures already on ones phone, which he or she has taken at an earlier point in time.

(Verb): The act of going through your phone, finding the most ridiculous and off-the-wall pictures possible, and then texting them to someone out of nowhere.
Unsuspecting Victim: "What the?! Kristen just sent me a pictures her planking an NYPD cop car, a random baby, Ke$ha, a piglet, a balloon bouquet, a half eaten cupcake, and the empire state building... all in a row"

Friend: "Oooo SNAP! Sounds like you've just been pickybombed!"
by #chigerblood February 04, 2012

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