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anyone who's BOTH new AND stupid.
jim: wow, he joined in 2013. newbag.

bob: is he stupid?

jim: not really

bob: he's not a newbag then
by #Dirt#Piper# October 11, 2013
One of the many 26-letter "boredom words" commonly used when someone is bored and has access to a computer with an internet connection. After googling several possible letter combinations, the user will find one that lacks it's own entry in the urban dictionary, and will then proceed to make their own.

Pronunciation: Ka-zix-civ-bin-nam-lupy-oyt-trew-sid-fug-haj-ik
"For fuck's sakes, some asshat has already made a definition for 'qazxcvbnmlpoiuytrewsdfghjk' on the urban dictionary?"
by #Dirt#Piper# June 25, 2016
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