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Juggalo/Juggalette - A follower of the semi-famous label psychopathic records, can be found anywhere a job is involved. While calling themselves rebels it can be described as more of a fad, as everyone who claims this title, wears the same attire, drinks faygo, and speaks in a manner fitting that of a 12 year old boy with down syndrome.
I general confrontation will follow in this manner.
Person - "Hi"
Juggalo - "ICP is da sit myz ninja MCL muthafacko"
Person - "Ummmm, yeah"
Juggalo - "Eyes is gunna kill joo bytch, i wave maz hatchets"
Person - "Am i sitting at the remedial learning table?"
Juggalo - "Mayn, Joo is so luckiez that my posse is holding me back ninja joo wudve deyed... next tyme juggaho"
Juggalo's "Posse" - "Hey honey hurry up, were gonna miss the season premier of american idol"
*Juggalo runs to mom crying that he got picked on*
The juggalo attire can be described as follows.
-Black shoes of any sort. Mostly combat boots even if they are wearing shorts.
-Pants that have needless straps, chains, or some other loose material hanging off of them / Or really long shorts of the same manner. Primarily bought at your local hot topic or other "rebellious" clothing store.
-Any T-shirt / Jersey / Wife Beater big enough to cover the massive gut they get from lack of physical activity, just as long as it sports the oh so coveted "hatchetman"
-Random spike jewelry or other retarded lookin shit hanging off their body.
-A Dandruff covered beanie derived from lack of showers and piss poor hygeine.
-A psychopathic chain bought from the local fake jewelry kiosk for 12 bucks.
-Not bathing for several weeks,
-Talking about faygo when its actually kinda pricey to import so much for being poor eh.
-Masterbating with their own tears as lubricant after realizing that they have yet to have any contact with the opposite sex whatsoever.
-Hanging out at school making fun of emo kids without realizing they are one step below emo kids.
Clique Evolution-
Everyone Else
Gamer Geeks
Computer Nerds
Emo Kids
Excessivly Gay Individuals
by #1 "Hater" September 17, 2007

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