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Jail that you are sent to while being very high at the zoo. Punishments are based on how bad your crime is. For instance, the most merciful of all punishments is being sent to the meerkat exhibit which is where many friends are made, the second to worst of all punishments is being sent to the tapir habitat which is where you will be sniffed by the tapirs elephant like nose and you will be forced to ride upon its back while it runs rapidly through its habitat. The worst of all punishments is to be exiled to the naked mole rat habitat. The zoo torture crew will stuff you into the dark caverns of these naked organisms that resemble penises. To make things even worse Ron Stoppable of the hit show "Kim Possible" will come by and make you eat beuno nacho off of his hairy back. SCARY
Tami: "Hey brenda! Tell me about zoo jail!"

Brenda: "such things should never be spoken of Tami."
Tami: "oh I am sorry brenda I did not realize that you were sent to the naked mole rats that day...."
Brenda: "yes. I was THAT high"
by pootytang morris July 26, 2010
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