A complex or embarrassed feeling about saying words in a zombie tone, while in the presence of others.
I have a zomplex, so, I never zombify words or phrases in front of even my family.
by SM1 December 06, 2013
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Any type of elixir, pill, medicine, or cure sold as a "miracle cure" or an "easy fix" to some ailment or disease that a person is experiencing. Used as a replacement for things that could and should be fixed by a clean diet and regular exercise (such as obesity). The side effects to this "cure" are often worse than the disease it claims to treat. It is a product pushed on the trusting public in an effort to line the pockets of a drug company; with no regard to the damage it will inflict on unsuspecting people. See also snake oil
"Try Zomplex, it works like magic (just ignore all the side effects and we deny any wrong doing on our part should your condition actually worsen after taking our "medicine" )."
by FxnlLiving June 25, 2018
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