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A combination of zomfg and roflmfao. The z originated from accidentally pressing z instead of shift. After that, it stands for "Oh my fucking God rolling on floor laughing my fucking ass off"
This word was invented by me, The Scyphozoa of CoD, and ggganz of civfanatics. I have never seen anyone but me use it.
Usually spelled in all caps. Rarely would you use z0mfgr0flm40 (it's 1337 equivalent).
ZOMFGROFLMFAO!11!!11!!eleven!!11!!!1 Ur t3h t0tl 1337-h4x0r wid pwn4g3!!1 T3h sup3r 4w350m3 d00dz!!11!1
by The Scyphozoa December 15, 2007
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