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Zobot another name for Zoey

Also known as (Zozo, Zowie)

Zoey is me! Z is for ZOEY and that makes me proud!

I am Zoey and this zoey is a good mom who spends time doing mom like

things. I Kick box for fun and add a little zingy Zoey finesse to all my

kick boxing moves. I might be found in a Zombie apocalypse but I would just

assume they were cannibals and "HEY WE ALL HAVE TO EAT RIGHT" I am a lefty

which gives me some bragging rights to being "UNIQUE" I also have greenish

eyes which is kind of "UNIQUE" When I am not doing mom things I am probably

picking up my trusty ax and learning to JAM. If the cannibals are coming at

least maybe I can play them a nice tune while they dine.
by thatstu8ffdefined March 01, 2017
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